Caught my eye—–

Scanning the international press two things caught my eye, both in France.

The Confederation of Unions in Paris, France’s main union , is lobbying hard for a reduction in the work week. Right now the work week in France is 35 hours. Not good enough says the union. They want 32 hours. So wonder not why France is twenty second in the world on the national competition score according to the World Economic Forum . Oh, yes, there are 5 weeks vacation guaranteed and 12 public holidays as well.

Police in Paris , 7500 strong , were on the streets of Paris a couple of days ago protesting the lax judicial system. Apparently, a prisoner was given a special permit of leave for a day, and proceeded to seriously wound a police officer. The police maintain that the judges in France are being more and more lax and putting police lives in greater danger.

I remember driving around France several years ago and being flabbergasted by the number of fully staffed post offices in all the tiny villages , none more than a few miles apart.

I also remember years ago trying to deal with the major banks via a vis Government Bonds . We finally refused to do business with them . The difference in Swizerland Germany and the U.K.—night and day.


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