Has the Liberal Party of Canada changed?

There is one thing about this Federal election result that is very positive for me. There is, you say? You jest?  No not really.

As if I did not have more than enough fodder for my blog , especially of the more serious cultured variety , some world affairs, and an abiding interest in things USA ,  this Trudeau, Liberal win , has energized my juices to keep on top of the Canada stuff more than I have to date.

You see from age 29 to 46 I was involved in in all things political. My first Ministerial appointment of Municipal Afairs and Housing saw me involved in all areas of Newfoundland and Labrador but also nationally as the Provincial representative in a tri level process with the Federal Government and the Canadian Federation of Municipalities. This was followed by my Mines and Energy portfolio that brought me in critical discussions with global mining companies , unions and multinational oil companies ——and the Federal Government.

Mostly, a Liberal Government , with a Trudeau name , intent on a more centralized concept of Canada , which meant  a fishery dominated  by the Federal Government in every bay and harbour of the Province , pro Quebec on matters like Churchill Falls and adamant that not one inch of authority over offshore resources would rest with the Province.

Now ,  you don’t have to remind me that the Son is not the Father.  Got it!

But the Party and how it operates is another story .

With the lines being drawn similar to what they were when I was ‘ in harness’ and a central Canadian media eager to support that centralized concept ( self congratulating themselves when they spent overnight in the periphery of the country) of the Liberal Party , it is incumbent on those of us who ‘remember’ to hold  this so called new generation of Liberals accountable , so that history does not repeat itself .


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