Al Gore , WWF and the new Federal Government

The Liberal Princeling , the new PM, has some pretty extreme environmental people close to him . Two in particular caught my eye and who are likely to drive the environmental policy of the new Government.

One is Gerald Butts , likely to be a king pin in his office. Butts is a former chief of staff of that failed Premier , Dalton McGuinty , the guy whose whose environmental policy is crushing Ontario. And Butts was also President and CEO of WWF ( World Wildlife Fund) . Right now , lefty former Mayor of Toronto, David Miller  is WWF President in Canada. So what a cozy relationship we have here. Birds of a feather.

One of the Goals of WWF is to have all electricity produced by renewables by 2050. They just mentioned it again in a letter to the Princeling. Take that Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta , Saskatchewan , British Columbia. Oh, yes , they are the only have provinces in the nation. Why? mostly because of fossil fuels. Will the new Government endorse this goal?

So , we need to watch this very closely. The Paris Conference on the Environment is a few weeks away .

The second person is the newly elected MP from Quebec , Peter Schiefke. He was a former director of the Climate Reality Project , a group trained by alarmist , anti Canadian fossil fuel champion, Al Gore. We will have to watch where he will fit in the new power pantheon of Ottawa.

So here we have it : WWF and Al Gore . Welcome to Canada.

Sadly,  there is this disconnect between where the money is generated to provide our prosperity that helps provide equalization to Quebec and Ontario and the Maritimes  , and those who receive this money .

These two people I mention are Quebec and Ontario people , wrapped up in an urban myth oblivious to the nature and source of our well being .

One , we know,  is sure to be at the center  of power . I await where the second one will be.

p.s . A CBC online article expressed more interest in Schiefke ‘s musical background than his connection to Al Gore , telling you all you need to know about our one billion dollar subsidized public broadcaster.


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