So What Do We Have Here –Part Four

More of the Liberal Platform

28. We will involve Canadians in policy-making.

Technology makes it easier for citizens and government to share ideas and information.

We will explore new ways to use technology to crowdsource policy ideas from citizens.

Oh, my God! Obama like! Makes me shiver. Do you know what happened to Pres O promise of putting bills on the Internet . Nothing!

29. We will value science and treat scientists with respect.

We will appoint a Chief Science Officer who will ensure that government science is fully available to the public, that scientists are able to speak freely about their work, and that scientific analyses are considered when the government makes decisions.

Every time a lefty wants to respond to what they perceive is a issue they must appoint an officer, a commissioner, or a chair. Another bureaucrat who no doubt will need a staff. Somehow you just can’t say : alright scientists , any work you you do for Government can be made public. If you want to talk about , just go ahead. Do I smell a problem? That the promise is not what it seems? Just what authority will this Chief Science Officer have? No doubt it will entail legislation. Will all scientists in all Departments now be subject to this new chief ? Is there any work that will be off limits? Gets complicated doesn’t it?

30. We will restore the long-form census.

Without accurate and reliable data, Canada’s communities cannot plan ahead. Everything from transit planning to housing strategies to support for new Canadians becomes more difficult.

We will immediately restore the mandatory long-form census, to give communities the information they need to best serve Canadians.

This caused quite the furor when the Conservatives eliminated it. You see we forget when everything wasn’t framed as a Government , collective need, Yea, need I say requirement . It’s decades ago . That you can’t say, this is over reach , too much of a good thing . Because if you do, there is shock , how dare you impede the collective good even if personal liberty is at steak , tis social heresy, like the idea of the eminent domain concept. I plead guilty.

31. We will make Statistics Canada fully independent.

Data collected by Statistics Canada helps the private sector, government, not-for profit groups, and researchers make better decisions.

We will make Statistics Canada fully independent. We will work with Statistics Canada and other stakeholders to provide a broader range of information, including detailed labour market information, child development data, and statistics about our population.

Didn’t know there was a problem . Providing child development data? Some explanation is needed here .

32. We will make decisions using the best data available and will invest only in programs proven to offer good value.

Responsible governments rely on sound data to make their decisions. We will release to the public key information that informs the decisions we make.

We will devote a fixed percentage of program funds to experimenting with new approaches to existing problems. We will measure our results and encourage innovation to continuously improve the services government provides to Canadians.

We will use accurate data to make good decisions. We will stop funding initiatives that are no longer effective and invest program dollars in those that are of good value.

Excuse me , but I just assumed this to be some of the stuff a Government does. It is almost like this is out of some textbook on Government. Oh, my!


One thought on “So What Do We Have Here –Part Four

    “Premier Paul Davis won’t say who approached who in Ryan Cleary’s decision to run for the Tories in Windsor Lake.”

    Head and shoulders eye to eye cheek by jowl by George they are clones of each other! Who made who?

    I’ve already branded it. Almost Anarchy. The new governing principle. No governor anywhere. Almost.


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