Likely a Bureaucrat Run Government

Fresh faces, new people is a good thing in a democratic country. However, the degree to which this is pursued is the issue . In this new Cabinet this is likely overdone . Let’s remember the new PM has a famous name but he, himself , is brand new.

Perhaps the use of Ministers of State for some of the new bright MP’s would have been in order , say for the first two years , and then appoint them to full Ministerial status if they worked out and achieved well. Hence , Ralph Goodale should have had a senior portfolio , say Finance, to be turned over to Morneau if things worked out. I hope Mr. Goodale is on the Planning and Priorties Committee or whatever it’s equivalent may be in this new Government. This new Government needs someone like him with experience and political acumen . Dion is a smart man but a little indecisive ; perhaps better at InterGovernmental Affairs . Brison at Treasury Board is a good appointment.

So , as one looking at the new Cabinet scene and at first blush, I am troubled by the extent to which inexperience exists at the big jobs. Without Goodale , Brison, McCallum and Dion at senior levels and/or on senior committees , the bureaucrats become not simply advisors but de facto Ministers.

And that is not healthy.


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