Oh, boy , just look —-triple whammy!

The Keystone
The Northen Gateway
Petronas LNG

Triple Whammy!


On hold until after next November’s US Federal Election. Hypocrisy run wild ! While double standard Pres O was trying to appeal to his shallow lefties and reject Keystone , their own folks in the US were building 12,000 miles of new pipeline since 2010 , 10 times , I. E. ten times the length of Keystone at 875 miles. And approved by their environmental agencies . Imagine if George Bush did anything so crazy ! Sure Holywood would be making comedic movies about it, blasting him for stupidity. Ride your horse on that !

Northern Gateway

Fully approved by the National Energy Board after extensive, comprehensive hearings , subject to 209 conditions , then approved with those conditions by the Federal Government. Our new Princeling is about to have the Government reverse that decision. Well, that was his promise . And the Princling always keeps his promise . I mean his party some years back opposed the Free Trade Agreement with the US , and then when in Government , oh my gosh, flip flopped . Oh, no, can’t be true. Oh, yes! So even if the Princeling wanted to change now , that history binds him to not flip flop , no?


This Minister Coleman that Christy , the BC Premier, trusts with her life, and is therefore, the LNG point man( loyality will get you everywhere) just keeps blathering on about LNG as if there was a host of projects up and running .

Well, sir, that one on Lulu Island that your Petronas buddies had in the bag ? Whoops , Lax Kw ‘alaams First Nation has now claimed title to it. Don’t you remember Beverley McLachlin? The Chief Justice ? For Canada that is. Well, you see she ruled last year about title to land by First Nations . And set some loosey , goosey ,’ guidelines ‘. And , the logical result , as I wrote at the time , that there would likely be other title challenges if The First Nations thought they could meet those liberal guidelines. Slam Dunk!

Oh, and that’s not all. The Lax Kw’alaams ,thought a bit of an outcast given they seemed alone in their opposition to the Project , have just penned a letter to the Princeling with 70 other groups including 8 other First Nations opposing the project, and , you won’t believe it, wait for it , — by gosh you got it, David , the straight shooter , Suzuki and Naomi, the truth setter, Klein , inking their glorious names to the letter.

Now , what’s our fearless leader to do ? All that blather of more environmental review, all that consultation, bla , bla . The chickens are coming home————and oh, so fast.

So three really national projects that would help provide equalization to poverty stricken Ontario and Quebec , and the red Maritimes, are in limbo.

Oh, did I mention Energy East pipeline? Still in initial input stage of the National Energy Board.

Sleep tight!


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