Unintentional Pause, Tech Challenged

You see you should never change your printer. Well, I had no choice. The thing was done , kaput ! It was a Brother, print, scan copy. One of those.

So ,we changed for a smaller, print, scan, copy, using wi fi or regular. Piece of cake ! Well not likely. You see the old desk top computer I am using is really old and I am still using Windows XP. So in using the CD operational instruction for printer installation I was informed when almost through that we could not continue since I did not have some framework software necessary to complete the job. I searched for the software , found it but got stymied again.

So, off to the tech shop. Several hours later and some dough taken from the wallet, I started the hook up back home having all the software updated etc.

But, no internet , no wi fi of course, everything ceased working.

That was Tuesday evening. Called Shaw , our provider. ‘ Well, now , isn’t that strange ,’  the tech fellow exclaimed.

Of course, the first thing is whether I had put all the wires back in their right place on the tower, and router. Well it sure looked like it; the mouse was working , the screen lit up , and all other functions seemed in order. Well, after an hour, or two,  the tech , exasperated , said he will have to send a tech to my home. ‘And will that be tomorrow ,’ I asked, fully knowing that a visit tomorrow,Remembrance Day,  would not likely be possible.

‘The first opening for your area is next Monday ,’ ‘the tech announced.’ Resigned , I said OK .

Then , mysteriously, after I hung up from the tech , my computer began working and the wi fi for my iPad which I use for my blog. And I got it working before the second disruption.

Yesterday, you ask?

I spent over three hours on the phone with another tech. This time , from Calgary, earlier time Nanaimo. He joined my computer and went through all manner of function: changed passwords for router admin, for my network and for my e mail . Told me that my router was one that Shaw does not use even though it was given free by Shaw several years ago. Nevertheless , it should work.

I shouted , ‘Well, I guess so , it has been working for years up to now!’

Finally, the tech informed me that he thinks the router adapter is finished. Never heard of such a thing. ‘Where is it ?’ I asked. ‘ I cannot see any thing like an router adapter .” Oh, he said , it might be in the computer. ‘


‘Anyway , that’s it,’ the tech says, ‘you have your de link router system all repaired, new passwords ( do I remember them , have I written them down correctly with that foreign accent ), your system is working better, a free anti virus program that works better than the one I deleted . Now just go get a router adapter and connect it and all should be well.

So here I am at a coffee shop , wondering whether to get that adapter now ( will it work?) or wait for the still on home visit on Monday.

Oh, the HP Printer ( was on sale , older model) does not have a pull out tray like my old Brothers one . So I couldn’t find the tray. There is a small lever that comes out from the side , once straightened , it hauls a bottom a few inches on which the paper is placed.

When I was in grade seven all students in my class had to take art. I disliked it immensely because I just could not draw. I watched in envy as the teacher held up the amazing drawings of my fellow students .

Looking at me she said exasperated, ‘ Well Brian, Just draw an apple and that will be good enough , I suppose. ‘

After thirty minutes , I handed the teacher my masterpiece .

Startled , the teacher exclaimed : ‘You are impossible, Brian, this is a pear!’

Art , tech and the like ——just not there .

Next time a tech issue, I will do nothing , hire a techie to visit and request a full repair.



One thought on “Unintentional Pause, Tech Challenged

  1. Knight of Disks cannot get his computer set up. Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land. using XP still. The King of the Spirits of Earth. at a coffee shop. King of the Gnomes. keep flailing away.
    Everyone can draw…pokey…it is JustinTime! (I can catch up on my reading) these velveteen libertine technocrats have all the power now.
    Call them techies, and Justin a Prince-ling, (geeks), yet, they rule our world Brian. A crowd of quislings all!
    Guards, seize them.
    my laptop has french multiligunalkeyboard I canèt disable it.
    Ièm sure someone canÉ


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