Musings on Paris and ISIS and———-

Like political correctness on campus many people are deliberately avoiding the words Radical Islamic Terrorist in describing the present manifestation of this phenomenon in the organization of ISIL or ISIS or whatever your particular abbreviation might be. As we all know President Obama is one such person. His former Secretary of State,  Hillary Clinton, in her remarks at a Democratic Party debate last evening, used the words Jihad . My,  oh my , how brave! Now, I thought I would check what words our new Princeling  is using. In his statement on November 13 commenting on the Paris incident as PM , the Princeling  used only the words terrorist. No further description. Obama’s clone already?

It seems to me to be very difficult to address this problem( I hope we all see it as such) if in fact we persist in refusing to acknowledge what it really is. I mean if the leader of the free world ( well the President of the US was for a long time in the recent past, one wonders now) refuses to accurately describe the issue what hope is there for an effective response or solution? The Fort Hood tragedy was a work place incident and ISIS was a JV and so on.

It has been reported extensively that there is not a effective means in place for vetting Syrian migrants into the US. What about in Canada?

The European Union policy of free and open borders sure has made it easier for all manner of people to move around. Some of the Islamic terrorists involved in the Paris tragedy were holed up in Brussels, Belgium. And then at least one was a recent migrant from Syria. Oh, and they had rifles in a banned gun area.

I often wonder why the migrants have to come all the way to the infidel places to gain sanctuary . Why not Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordon, Egypt, United Emirates, Bahrain? Should not the west insist on this?

Has the West done anything meaningful for all the Christians that have faced terrorism in the Middle East?

Why hasn’t the West helped the Kurds with new weapons ? Afraid of Iraq, Turkey ?

I read that  a team of US FBI agents have gone to Paris to assist in electronic, forensic work. Don’t the French already possess that expertise?

You think we are in trouble , lack leadership, have our values abused by our own?

You got that right.


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