I might be all wet behind the ears but to me this Paris multiple terrorist attack is a ‘game changer.’ Coming as it does on the heels of the Egypt airliner disaster and the Lebanon attacks , it is about time for some real serious action or have we become so spineless that you can run over ‘the west’ with little repercussion. Is this what we have become?

The bloody nerve of our Princeling to cancel our active military involvement with the US and France and others in bombing the ISIS targets ? It demonstrates a naïveté that boggles the mind.

Do we remember back a few years ago that we did not have the airlift capacity to bring some of our armaments to Lebanon and the Middle East and had to get the Americans to help us. Our Princeling might have been in drama at the time . But is was a drama class , Fiction!

It was when quite a few Arab Canadians went back to assist making it clear that they were from their homeland still, as long as they could still come back and enjoy our welfare state and health care . I remember some of them on tv saying this.

And for our Princeling to reaffirm his commitment of no military after Paris, at the G8 , demonstrates an allegiance to the irrational far left that is inconsistent with Canadian values . I did not grow up in a country that deserts friends . When ,especially if a real war broke out , I would have to depend on the very people I am now deserting? I mean is someone going to expose this for what it is? This is ,at best,  high school stuff! No , he is not ready !

President Holland , not my favourite politician philosophically, sees his country brutally attacked . So his particular political persuasion does not matter now  because his country has been attacked , primarily because that were standing against a brutal terrorism , radical Islamism, and had open borders accepting people from Islamic countries and others. They now have been attacked  by Islamic Terrorist people!  And our newly minted Princeling goes to the G8 after this happens and reaffirms this silly policy of not helping militarily.


And that false prophet , false Nobel Peace prize winner,   Obama , has the nerve to lecture the world about accepting people while he covertly kills innocent people with his drones? Does the  deal with Iran prevent the US from being more aggressive in Syria and Iraq? Isn’t that why the US bombing in Syria is so ineffective. The rules of engagement are so restrictive that many bombing missions return to base without actually bombing ?

When is this guy going to be called out for  his utter hypocrisy? And now he says this Paris tragedy is a serious set back to ‘his ‘ correct policy. Whew! And the Press Conference people lay low. And the world is silent.

This condition triggers a section 5 of the NATO deal . One is attacked , all are attacked .

Put together a true land NATO force of all.   Enter through southern  Turkey and take  Raqqua , take no prisoners , with the Saudis, Jordanians , Egyptians having to  stay and stabilize. American , UK and French air power always present .

You mean you are  going to tell me that if the US, UK, Germany and France said that is what will happen that the others would not buy in?  No choice . Russia would back off, China would be neutral and you would begin to stabilize the region. Then you deal with Assad and Russia from a position of strength.

That ‘s what France realy  wants now or will agree to .

What an opportunity to make real change in this troubled region . But it must be done while the iron is hot . Decisive , courage , which means leadership.

Obama , Merkle , Cameron step up to the plate and get it done! Show some spine!

The Princeling?

Who cares?











2 thoughts on “Spineless?

  1. Brian, I really enjoy your posts. I think Justin is going to give ISIS and PUTIN a STERN LOOK❗️




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