How Low Can You Go

President  Obama is overseas . Was in Turkey, now in  Manila and  later in other countries. It looks like he has abandoned  being President and decided to be a pundit and un classy critic. Somehow distance gives him license and an unusual soap box

How else to explain his utterances? I just saw him on TV framing the legitimate concern about Syrian refugees coming to the US by some Governors and Members of   Congress  as being afraid of ‘widows and orphans. Why are they afraid of three year old orphans?’

How low? Most of the Governors and Congress people I have heard are trying to take a responsible position , pause , have another look. But this craven , low ball, gutter reaction of the President ? Lacks class alright. And Kerry musing about the earlier Cartoon stimulated terrorism in Paris to the effect that it might have some justification . How can anyone not be concerned  with leaders like this?

What is so galling is that it is the Obama policy of inaction after promising a red line in Syria that has led to over 250,000 dead. He did nothing after promising to take action. He did nothing to assist the anti Assad forces for years. And now he is being embarrassed by the Russian and French air efforts. Can you listen to Kerry talking about hitting oil trucks the last day or two!You don’t say? What have you been bombing over the last few months ? This is incompetence of the highest order.

Then to watch the Big O from overseas lecture his country and gutter talk his critics as if they have no compassion for widows and orphans  while his drones , ordered by him , kill innocent people.

One is not to be concerned when 129 die and hundreds injured in Paris by ISIS , an Egyptian plane bombed in the sky, hundreds killed and ISIS claims responsibility, Christians attacked in Labanon by ISIS . New terrorist  cells now cropping up in Belgium and Paris , and in Honduras Syrians trying to get to USA.

And the American leaders cannot express concern and ask for a pause and review of the refugee policy without being abused by a far distant President.

Distasteful, low,  unbecoming the office.




4 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go

  1. A day after Obama asked the republicans if they are now afraid of three year old children, I saw a video from Isis depicting a three year old child learning how to cut off a head. It was the head of a stuffed animal but he was dressed in the uniform of the killers. Oh well, let’s face it: Obama is a Muslim (any boy born to a Muslim father is deemed to be a Muslim for life).


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