The 25,000

Here is a letter a friend of mine wrote to the local paper.

 Immigrate in haste


In the early 1960’s I was the deputy officer in charge of our immigration office in Rome, Italy. We were then issuing about 24 to 25 thousand person visas a year. I had two responsibilities: ensure the processing went smoothly and to be the final reviewer in cases where it was decided to refuse an applicant, including reasons for criminal activity.

It took 12 months to process that number of individuals paying  attention to the issue of law, health and security. I cannot conceive how we can, in six short weeks, do the same unless we ignore the law and our own interests. It is plainly impossible.

Immigration under our constitution is a responsibility shared with the provinces. Who and how will we decide the distribution of the refugees? More importantly how will the extra pressure and costs on our overloaded provincial  health and education systems be handled? How will those extra costs be met? Will it be by the imposition of federal or provincial taxes? In either case the taxpayer remains the same — the citizen.

Such is the  political illiteracy of Canadians that a delusional election promise now invites major problems for Canadians. Security is important. Look at France today and the price it is paying for offering a “welcoming” society without settling tough questions beforehand. Immigrate in haste, repent at leisure.

Nestor E. Gayowsky
Qualicum Beach


2 thoughts on “The 25,000

  1. I’m not against immigration; just because it was a statement made in haste during a political campaign I feel that it’s not prudent to try and live by the statement. Do the proper checks and if it takes 12 months, i.e., until December 31, 2016 so be it, and let the opposition parties scream all they want.
    Ps – I did not vote Liberal.


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