Surprise, Surprise, Justin Breaks Promise

Of course, the Princeling had to break his promise. It was a crass political move during the election to falsely show compassion to garner votes. That’s it plain and simple. And many fawned all over it. I actually overheard  three people at a coffee shop be effusive over the promise . The Princeling knew, all his advisors knew this was an impossible commitment . But, hell, let’s do it anyway . Anyone with half a brain knew it.

But this is the double speak of regular politics today. And one wonders why people are cynical ?   It is reported that the Pinceling allocated $100 million for this promise. His own Minister is now saying over $600 million. Six times more . When one looks at the other Princeling’s promises , like housing and urban transportation don’t be surprised to see the dollars pile up.

OK, I’ll make a promise . More broken promises to come. I doubt whether I will have to break that one.



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