Thank God , There is Still Some Sanity Left

The BC Court ruled that Burnaby’s City Council cannot stop an interprovincial undertaking. The court said:

‘Burnaby’s bylaws can have no application so as to impede or block the location of the Pipeline or the studies needed to determine its location … Where valid provincial laws conflict with valid federal laws in addressing interprovincial undertakings, paramountcy dictates that the federal legal regime will govern.”

I have been saying for years , as have some others, that this municipal overreach just cannot stand. We are still a nation of laws , at least on most days, meaning that Our constitution and laws created under it still apply. Whatever legal advice the City of Burnaby received they should revisit who they have for their legal counsel .

Now, of course, there is a clamour for this Trans Mountain project to fall under our Prineling’ s promise of revision and more strident provisions in the federal environmental process.

Can we hope that cool heads will prevail and that this project can proceed.? Or will we further impede the development and transmission of our natural resources , necessary for ongoing economic activity and to pay the health , education, social services , and equalization bills.

Stay tuned!



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