Ideological Extremism

I don’t know about you but this guy drives me bananas . Just listen to his latest from what the National Post carried today:

‘David Suzuki likens Alberta oilsands industry to 19th century American slave trade

Those who argue that plans to reduce greenhouse gases must consider their economic impact do not sound different from slave owners, Suzuki says.’

He’s done real good off the green movement and CBC . And I guess being extreme gets you headlines.

He came to Newfoundland with his CBC Program when I was Premier and when the oil activity was just heating up . We gave him space in the Confederation Building for a few days and he went about his business of doing a program on the offshore activity and the likelihood of prouduction and better times . Well, my son you never say ’twas going to be better times according to this Susuki program . Just all the negatives and his promise of balance went out the door. I think the Government got a couple of minutes on the program .

I reminded Susuki of this when I next saw him in Vancouver many years later when I was doing an inquiry for the BC Government. Of course, he could not remember as no doubt he would not now remember this Vancouver incident. Strange , allegedly so smart on some things and then so ‘stunned ‘ on other things , like remembering negative things.

Yet , he is often touted to be one Canada’s most respected, whatever , persons . But that might be CBC arranging things.

Tis celebrity you see , not what’s underneath.


2 thoughts on “Ideological Extremism

  1. The fellow is a money making charlatan, says whatever gets him notoriety (and funding). He once gave a very moving diatribe about Meares Island during the war in the woods on Vancouver Island. Had people in tears over the devastating impact logging would have on, amongst other creatures, the Sea Otters residing around the Island. When challenged that there had been no Sea Otters in the area for the past hundred years since the white man orchestrated their demise, his response was I just read the script!!! and we revere him for his honesty and truthfulness, when he doesn’t even check the facts?


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