Better Start Counting

Boy, the numbers are staring to add up. The Syrian Refugee bill now at $650 million , it  started at $100 million. And just today I read we are to increase our international commitment in the global environment fund from $1.2 billion to $2.6billion. That ‘s  over two billion extra dollars committed in a few days.

Meanwhile we hear of child poverty in Canada at over 16% , 20% in have Province BC. There are over 2 million Canadians without a doctor , and wait times persist all over Canada for medical procedures. Twenty per cent of Canadians cannot function adequately in the, every day world because of literacy deficiencies. We are only 70% as productive as Americans , and our global competitive position is not in the top ten.

Our Princeling has already promised three successive deficits . Alberta has already lost 18, 000 jobs . And we hear of more carbon taxes and environmental regulation. There are $200 billion of projects delayed and/or canceled.

As these things begin to seep into the economy , we will see whether jobs and some semblance of fiscal prudence will suddenly reappear in the national conversation.

We have begun to travel a dangerous road . All Governments this coming year are likely to have deficits now with the Princeling adding his government to the list .




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