Where Did We Go?

The Princeling has announced from The Paris Conference that Canada Is Back.

Oh! Where did we go? I did not here of any earthlings going to some other planet . Did we build a fence and not let anyone in? Did we get a virus and suddenly go dumb?  Did all our communication systems fail ?

This silly, juvenile comment on the world stage does not bode well.

No my dear Princeling . We were here , busy and active: supporting the only democracy in the Middle East , supporting our neighbour to the south believing as we did in loyalty and honor,  and rejecting the false political correctness of the progressives, balancing a budget this past year while every Province was in deficit while listening to  a bankrupt , incompetent Ontario howling for Ottawa to provide more,  being the strongest economy of the  OECD coming out of the recent recession ,  providing $20 billion of new money to the Provinces over this past  7 years , using the tax system to help families and seniors , attempting to streamline a cumbersome system to allow rational , responsible developments to proceed , helping BC in  its LNG plans , financial guarantees to Newfoundland and Labrador for the multi billion dollar Muskrat Falls hydro project , supporting Alberta in  its pipeline projects , providing military expenditure that specifically help the Maritimes and BC, and, and —–

And doing this , all the while , dear Princeling you were musing about China being the country you admired for their governance .

Well,  you may get silence from most when you insult like this , especially from afar , but there are others who will not be so ‘Canadian’ .  I am one of them .

‘When I was a child I spoke as a child ,————–, but when I became a man——-.’



2 thoughts on “Where Did We Go?

  1. I am still in shock as to what the electorate has done – we’ll be billions and billions in the hole even before Parliament opens. Have you noticed how the Ont. premier always likes to choose the seat beside the princeling. And have you noticed the look on the faces of some of the other premiers. And when did France become our French Cousins???? And why is there such a rush to proclaim this self-important dipstick as our First Family. I want to throw up


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