Little Books

By little I mean small in size. Here are two in paper back that I bought years ago in used book stores: The Great Religions by Which Men Live by Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills and Religion and the Rise of Capitalism by R. H. Tawny.

Those involved in the world of ideas with a European bent quite likely heard of or already have Mr. Tawney’s book . It’s a wonderful book, packed full of a great turn of phrase, pregnant with enlightening insights .

The Ross /Hills book , published in 1950 , seems old , but it’s succinct description of the great religions is handled with objectivity and balance.

I reference them now because it seems to me an understanding of the ideas in these books is important now and their elaboration, though compressed , makes possible this understanding without having to labor through an obtuse book of hundreds of pages. If you like these and want to study intensely these topics then, of course, there are lots of more detailed books covering the subjects in these two book.

The Great Religions book is 189 pages and Tawney’s is 235 pages with 40 pages of notes and index. The former published by Fawcett Premier in 1956 and the latter by Harcourt, Brace & World , Inc. in 1926.


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