The Perfect Storm

Things usually don’t just happen. Especially in the body politic as it is unfolding in the USA , re :Donald  Trump.

At least that ‘s my view.

I remember being in the small hotel lobby in old Istanbul on the evening of September 11, 2001. Even there it was a very moving , very sad experience . And in the USA it was a gigantic tragedy, not only as it relates to the numbers of people killed and wounded but in Americans view of themselves , their country and their sudden vulnerability . Something clicked in their collective soul.

Pearl Harbour was big in its day and caused a reluctant country to be engaged in a world conflict , but it was also geographically distant even though politically in the country. Nine eleven was in the heart of the country . Through the Iraq conflict and Afghanistan , tremendous globs of money and hundreds of US lives  have been expended. Bush was seen as having had his day as the recession unfolded and although some hope in Iraq , there was still a difficult Afghanistan .

Hope and change came with all its gusto of a new era. Things will be done differently best manifested in the first black President . A new day  , a new way. The rhetoric was magic , the oratory inspiring. The country was wrapped up in a new beginning.

Very soon, things fell apart.

Wall Street , much maligned by the President,  was well ensconced in the new Administration , the top finance man was involved in tax evasion.  Then an inexplicable noble peace prize to the new President;  people scratched  their heads since he had done nothing.

Soon the IRS was targeting conservative groups , deliberately delaying legitimate tax free status designation ; spin and deflection was in full view by senior bureaucrats . Transparency  ,  highly promoted by the new Administration , goes up in flames as the hugh health law gets passed with one of the top Democrats bragging about reading it after it is passed. The Verterans Administration is found to be inept and hiding records. Veterans die as a result. The $ 800 billion dollar stimulus leads to a sputtering recovery , more on food stamps, less people even looking for jobs, the debt spirals, saved only by private sector energy development on state and private lands (since disallowed on most Federal Lands)  through private sector innovation of horizontal drilling  and fracking.

Nothing has really changed . Spin , deception and little transparency rule the day. Afganistan still a problem , although the new President said this was his war.The people are confused .

All the new czars , what did they do? Where are they now?

Meanwhile , with swelling numbers of Republicans in the Congress nothing changes . Conservatives are upset with their leaders. Confidence in Congress falls to new lows and gradually the shine comes off the President’s crown , as he continually says with each new problem , he will get to the bottom of it, but months later nothing has really changed.

The new President launches a foreign policy action which see apologies to the world for America’s ‘many mistakes’, a withdrawal in the wise use of American power , and a full withdrawal from Iraq, against the advice of his military . An ambiguous Israel / Palestinian  policy which sees the President embarrass America’s only friend and only democracy in the Middle East.

Then , Syria erupts in civil war , a red line is drawn by the President, red line crossed, nothing done, hundreds of thousands die. Then the vacuum left in Iraq by a total withdrawal leads to a violent , radical Islamic group to grow and capture land and kill people . The Benghazi debacle accenuates the new weaker America , Ukraine further embarrasses the west and America as Putin flexes his muscle .

Westerners are shown on global tv being killed by ISIS. Putin makes a move in Syria. Tens of millions are spent by America to train four Iraq soldiers. American planes leave to attack ISIS targets and return to base with their bombs intact. Russia leaves to attack its adversaries and bombs. America’s middle eastern allies delay its full support against ISIS , do little to accept refugees .

Then America with others do a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons . Iran has already cheated twice before the deal is completed yet America  wants to accelerate the deal . Iran is against America’s allies,  helping America’s enemy Assad. What’s going on?

Paris is attacked twice this year as ISIS goes global . The last one over 100 innocent lives. Radicalized people who gain support from ISIS are responsible.

California last week. The worst since nine eleven. Fourteen innocent lives. It looks again like those who committed this crime are inspired by ISIS .

People are looking for action , a straight shooter, figuratively speaking.

Because of the foregoing they do not trust the establishment , either Party .

The people feel insecure. Islam , they view, as not a religion but an ideology . No separation of Church and State. They link the terror with a radical interpretation of Islam. And this is given verification by the radical groups referencing the Koran and Mohammed.

Yet the President won’t say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists .’

A poll is done showing 51% of American Moslems believe that they should have a choice between Sharia  law and American law.  These are Americans.

So , who is to speak for the people who feel left out, lied to, deceived and fearful?

Enter Trump!.









2 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm

  1. Great summary of this predicament. Sadly, the media, Democrats and even competing Republicans have failed to listen to his statement in it’s entirety…wait until proper screening and understanding of the Muslim extremists and their issues, then consider how to accept migrants.
    The media is becoming increasingly irresponsible in their coverage and reporting of such events. It is truly a travesty.


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