A Dangerous Shave

This morning, like most mornings , I was shaving in the bathroom. I have a small radio. As I was shaving I just reached down with my left hand , shaving blade in my right hand , and turned it on . CBC news .

‘The first of the victims of last week’ s California tragedy are being buried today . ————The victims were killed by an ‘armed couple.’

My right hand came down fast just missing my chin and the razor crashed  against the side of the sink.

‘What’s that  , I shouted, an armed couple? An armed couple !This is crazy!’

My wife called out. ‘Are you alright ?’

‘I don’t know ‘, I exclaimed .

I ran downstairs to the kitchen . ‘Do you know what I just heard on the radio? ‘, I shouted.

‘What , what ‘, my wife excitedly asked .?

‘ The news is describing those  Radical Islamic Terrorists who killed those fourteen in San Bernardino as ‘an armed couple ! Can you believe that ?  This political correctness is just gone wild.’

‘ Look , Brian, I keep telling you to , you must not listen to CBC  in the morning when you are shaving . Its a dangerous business,’ my wife explained.

Lesson finally learned.







4 thoughts on “A Dangerous Shave

  1. You are spot on the money with the CBC. They are the epitome of politically correct news. The other day I was listening to CBC in my truck and the talk show discussion was about removing the feedback feature on the CBC First Nations channel because they have been receiving some negative feedback which in some cases. Apparently politically correct feedback must always be positive and complimentary.

    Marv Everett
    Campbell River


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