Princeling Appoints Anti Semetic?

This is disturbing.

Our new Priceling has completed his appointment of   parliamentary secretaries, 35 in all. . These are MP’s who are given added responsibilities to assist a Minister of the Crown. In the case of the Minister of Foreign Affairs the new Parliamentary Secretary is Omar Alghabra , the MP for Mississauga Center.

Here is the bio of Mr. Alghabra  as given by the Privy Council Office:

‘Omar Alghabra
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign
Affairs (Consular Affairs)
(Mississauga Centre)
Omar Alghabra is a mechanical engineer by trade and an
MBA graduate from York University. He has served
in a variety of positions with General Electric Canada, Enbala Power, and the Ontario Energy Board. He was recently a Distinguished Visiting Fellow within the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science at
Ryerson University.
A longtime community activist, Omar is passionate about his
involvement with local organizations like the Mississauga Summit and Youth Troopers for Global Awareness (YTGA). He was also a member of thecommunity editorial board of the Toronto Star where he authored columns on a wide range of provincial and federal issues. His work was also published in the Huffington Post. Among his many activities, Omar has worked tirelessly to support initiatives that empower new Canadians through social and economic integration.
As the Member of Parliament for Mississauga—Erindale from
2006 to 2008, Omar provided a strong voice on
both local and national issues as the Critic for Natural
Resources, as well as for Citizenship and Immigration.’
Strange that there is there is no mention of Mr. Alghabra being the President of the extreme group The Canadian Arab Federation from 2004 to 2005. One would think that this new Government, so interested in diversity, would have highlighted this about a Saudi born, of Syrian parents  MP.  Not a word.
You see The Canadian Arab Federation had its funding cut by the former Canadian Conservative Government in 2009  because of its having shown support for Hamas and Hezbollah , two terrorist organizations and other anti Israel positions. . In 2014 the Federal Court upheld this Government decision to withhold funding. Here is a quote from the Judge in this case

‘All of the statements and actions raised by the Minister can, in my view, reasonably lead one to the view that CAF appears to support organizations that Canada has declared to be terrorist organizations and which are arguably anti-Semitic.  Aside from the Minister himself reaching this view, the record is replete with news articles and statements of others to the same effect, all of which support that it was not unreasonable for the Minister to reach that conclusion. ‘

 And although Omar was not President at the time of this particular issue,   he opposed the cut in funding.

When Omar was President of CAF he wrote a letter to Toronto’s Police Chief , protesting the chief’s decision to lead the annual ‘ Walk for Israel’ event. In a letter on the CAF website Omar called Israel ‘ a country that is conducting a brutal and the longest contemporary occupation in the world.’ The CAF sponsored an essay contest on the topic ‘Ethnic Cleansing in Israel. ‘ And in 2014 he condemned then Prime Minister Harper for supporting Israel.
One would think that given these facts , it would be incumbent on the new Prime Minister to be very careful on these appointments.
Appointing someone to Foreign Affairs with responsibilities for Consular Affairs when it is clear that that person has displayed an obvious bias to a particular country with whom that person would have to conduct business in the normal course of his duties seems to cross a very important line and calls into question the Princeling’s judgement. 

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