Climate Continued

Given the response on this topic perhaps a little more related to this may be interesting.

Bjorn Lomborg , the Danish professor, now head of the Copehahan Concensus , first really stimulated my thinking juices on this . He wrote the book, ‘ The Skeptical Environmentalist’ and later ‘Cool It.’

The interesting story about him is that he had been a ‘  Greenpeacer’ and teaching statistics at a Danish University. He had given his students a number of topics related to the state of the world , water, climate, resources, disease etc. As the student study work started coming in the results were contrary to a lot of his notions  about the state of the world. He was surprised and found it difficult  to argue the results. He ended up , of course, leaving the Greenpeacer Movement.

But here is the real kicker. . He later wrote articles based upon this research ( as well as stimulated by the work of the American economist , Julian Simon) and suddenly found himself ruffling the feathers of the scientific establishment who proceeded to attack him for bad science and denigrating his scientific bona fides. Well, Bjorn , seeing his reputation being affected , appealed to the Government of Denmark . The scientists who attacked him were a part of a national organization that the Government funded. Bjorn appealed to the Government  that this organization’ s attacks were unfair and it was they who were not following good science . The upshot was that an independent group was established to review the feud. This group vindicated Bjorn and requested that the organization apologize to him .

Of course, it has ever been  thus ,  at least since Socrates.

So if you have not already looked up the Copenhagen Concensus Center , please do. Some good reading there.

In the same vein , you may have seen my references to Matt Ridley a few times.  Another very independent thinker and writer. The Wall Street Journal and some papers in the UK carry his articles from time to time. And he has written a wonderful book, ‘ The Rational Optimist .’ You’ll like it. He also has a website/blog where you can find his work . Stimulating!

If you are still with me, do you remember back when the IPCC really got going ?  There were two Canadians , Stev McIntyre and Ross  McKitrick who challenged the establishment scientists on the work they were doing that showed accerlated man made warming.  It was called the ‘hockey  stick’ curve.  Of course , one of the scientists , Michael Mann, with others, dismissed this work as nonsense. Well , Stev and Ross appeared before a US Congressional Committee to explain this challenge. As a result an independent committee was formed to review the competiting positions . The report called The Wegman Reort validated Stev and Ross’s work.

Stev has a website called Climate Audit and Ross has one, too. Just Google Ross’s name . Two great resource sites , the first more science the second perhaps a little more policy. Great Reading!

Finally, if you are still there , go to Judith Curry ‘s site Climate Etc and the website Watt Up With That.

Oh ! Mark Styne’s  website and new book on the topic. Last week he with some scientists appeared before a US Senate Committee.

Better sign off , while I am ahead, behind, whatever.



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