What Does It Mean For Canada

I have been reading the Paris Environment Agreement( http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/climatechange) of last week . It is called COP21. I guess this stands for Conference of the Parties , twenty first meeting. Stand to be corrected.

I thought for sure our Princeling would have it on his own website. Nope. Not there. Of course,  a Press Release . So what about the Minister of Environment. Well it is now called Environment and Climate Change Canada. Excuse me, Environment Canada was not good enough any more in this political correct world .  Nope could not find it there either. One would have thought with all the rhetoric on transparency that this new Government has preached that they would have an agreement they signed  on behalf of all Canadians, front and center, for all to read, if they so desired.

Further it would be good to know just how many real dollars have been committed. We know for sure of $2.6 Billion that was committed just before the Conference opened. And as one reads the press releases there is more :

Here is a part of a backgrounder put out by the Ministry :

‘Canada pledged $2.65 billion over the next five years to support developing countries’ transition to low-carbon economies that are both greener and more climate-resilient. This is the most significant Canadian climate finance contribution ever. During COP 21, Canada announced financial support totaling $275 million for the Least Developed Countries Fund, the Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems, the G7 Initiative on Climate Risk Insurance, the G7 African Renewable Energy Initiative, and to address short-lived climate pollutants. Canada continues to support countries in need and recognizes the specific circumstances of the least developed countries and small islands developing states.’

Then I found another $35 million,  another $50 million and then  another  $150 million in other separate Ministerial press releases just this month related to international environmental matters. This from a Government that has already announced that it won’t be able to balance the books for the next three years.At this rate , three years is optimistic as the Parliamentary Budget Officer has already said .  By the way you can go into the Parliamentary Budget Officer website and have regular updates come to your inbox.

Now notice theses four funds mentioned above . No doubt they will all have their own bureaucracy somewhere and we have to trust that this will all be spent efficiently and effectively. How will we ever know.

I will have more to say as the days and weeks progress. This a just a tiny sampler.


2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean For Canada

  1. I think that you can be assured that what it means for Canada is very large costs and questionable (if any) benefits. I saw an interview with Hon. Minister McKenna yesterday after her return from Paris. Of course she delighted that her and the other 383 Canadian delegates had been able to accomplish so much and reach a deal with 194 other nations. The deal includes:
    – The signatories have agreed to limit global warming to 2 degrees C. Canada will target for 1.5 degrees C because of concerns for Arctic areas and peoples.
    – Recognition of the need for developed countries to provide financial assistance to undeveloped countries. As an example, she said that India would require 2.5T to meet the 2 degree C target. How much is Canada going to contribute to that?
    – They will implement a national carbon tax.
    – And much more…….

    I wrote to her yesterday and asked what guarantee she can give to taxpayers that incurring these huge expenses will actually accomplish anything. Don’t we have the right to some assurances, some unequivocal scientific proof that a) the 2 degree C target can be met, and b) that it will actually curb global warming and all of its advertised disasters?

    Stay tuned I guess.

    Marv Everett, Retired
    Campbell River, BC


  2. If I may Brian:
    Lithium, carbon taxation… Mercury engines. Horses. Until the last NFLD pony is my 2010 Mustang. Glass roof. Black pin on white. Grey Leather. Microsoft Sync. Nice. Last of the nice looking ones, after the revival. Just a V6 SOHC 4.0.

    You people, I mean this inclusive. My father is a prospector. My mother runs Wal-Mart. Everyone except me, seems to be fucked in the head on energy. Sorry, I mean, stupid-headed, on power? Money. I haven’t thought about it seriously since the 80s, boys, come on!!

    I can run this car on your blog-sweat, Brian. Did you have bacon this week?

    Wait until Californians can now surf to work, while the car drives.
    Anyone get a cheap lithium drill for Xmas?
    I got maple sausages for tomorrow.
    Merry Energy Christmas.

    Write The Telegram on carbon!
    They will editorialize you a lump of coal.
    Keep exposing make work projects on Superman.
    My Dad would be proud. He is really grassroots.

    We have people promoting solar and at once panicking people on radon in fluorspar mining.
    Doctors. Teachers.
    Where do solar panels come from?
    Is there any objectivity?

    I love Dr. David Suzuki, Mr. Neil Young, like parents. Like Mr. dressUps.
    And you Brian.
    You are Earth grounded in many ways. Keep blogging.
    No one has the future figured out.

    Please watch the Fubar II film where the boys go to the oil sands.
    It is a classic. I cried laughing imagining the hitchhicker character as Suzuki.
    Oh man, it is worth it. Or Justin! Dare I say.
    You make fun of him a lot…you know, he boxes, right?


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