Addicted to Deficit/Debt

The US finally got a bi-partisan budget . That’s the good news . The rest is pretty pathetic.

It’s all a big gambling game of trade offs , special interests , you scratch my back—–a tax break here , more spending there . No talk of reduction really .

And so , so much lumped together that all the reports by the media are half measures in describing it. Of the many reports I looked at only a couple even mentioned the deficit, and then did not give the numbers  . And the numbers are hard to find , and when you do how it is all framed leaves you unsatisfied .

The trade off stuff is really lamentable . For example, for the oil export embargo to be lifted ,   A very reasonable and fair thing in and of itself , the republicans had to agree to an extension to those  crazy wind and solar subsidies that the Democrats wanted. Sad.

According to one website on the budget this new one will see well over a  $400 billion deficit. And over the next 5 years , at least that much or more every year. This leading to a debt rising from 18 trillion dollars to 22 trillion dollars.

It seems paying as you go is some outdated concept that no longer fits this spending world  and that we can just go on like this .

The unease in the body politic of the US can be attributed to several things . I suspect the spending spree might just be one of them.


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