Fascinated —–?

That’s what a open line host said on a Vancouver Radio Station today after hearing about an all Mandarin strata council meeting in the city of Richmond recently. And , that all Mandarin meeting was held after an English speaking condo owner of that strata had requested observer status at the meeting thinking that this would prod the strata council to speak a little English.

You see this English speaking condo owner just could’t believe that this was happening and wanted to see for himself . Well , he went and he saw, well heard, for himself. Yes, sir, it was true. Except for hello, and sit down , the rest was all Mandarin, ninety minutes. Now our English speaking fellow might have known this was going to happen since when he requested to be at the meeting as an observer he was told in writing that , yes , he could attend the meeting as an observer but the council would continue to hold all the meeting in Mandarin. Nice Canadian , our English speaking fellow.  The Vancouver Sun headlined the issue : ‘Condo Owner miffed at Mandarin meeting.’ Miffed?

Fot those unfamiliar with this part of the world on the other side of the Rockies , this is the left wing , progressive place of hypocritical Sususki and the anti development Vancouver Mayor;  the Canadian capital for political correctness. Where the city council of Burnaby tried to usurp the Canadian Constitution by asserting paramountcy  through their bylaws over the National Energy Board . Thankfully, the BC Supreme Court stuck that down in what was one of the  ‘better dressing downs ‘ I have seen performed by a court. Can you imagine that there are lawyers who would take this case on behalf of that city?  On the P C Coast , you bet. And the place of extreme environmentalism , notwithstanding that over half of the natural gas of the Province is ‘ fracked’ , and boasts the largest coal port in the country , right next to the righteous leadership of Vancouver

Well, back to our English speaking condo owner, he and some others of like ilk have gone to the BC Human Rights Commission seeking redress. Hopefully , this will end up in the courts. That is where it belongs.

We got to get something straight right  now.

This is a country which is predominantly English speaking . We have two official languages , and while we welcome people from everywhere , all languages , when conducting business of any sort , including strata council meetings anywhere in this land , one of the languages that should be mandatory to be spoken at such gatherings is  , yes you guessed it  , —–ENGLISH.

We do not want cities which contain  neighbourhoods of condo developments where just one language is spoken , over here English, over there Mandarin , and further over there , another.—that’s the slippery slope of metro Paris , metro Stockholm , and of Brussels.

How ironic that the streets of Vancouver are teeming with Chinese students attending scores of post secondary colleges to learn ————English! Hundreds of thousands throughout North America!

It is not ‘ fascinating’, or someone is ‘miffed ‘.       ———it is down right disturbing and cries  out for correction.




4 thoughts on “Fascinated —–?

  1. Hi Brian

    This kind of thing has been going on here for years. When my daughter was in high school in the 90s she was enrolled in an International Baccalaureat math program. They had to work in groups. Her group would only speak Mandarin. She dropped the course. All of this happened without my knowledge until it was too late. I was more than “miffed”.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy new year ahead.

    Thanks for the blogs. I enjoy them!



  2. Absolutely agree with you on this . Canada has two official languages, English and French. We are multicultured but at the same time have always maintained our language heritage and must continue to do so. As for political correctness, if I hear the word “Fisher” one more time in reference to our Fishermen and Women I think I’ll just have to stop watching / listening to CBC! :))


    • Wayne

      Thanks for the comment. That is one reason among others why CBC viewership, and radon listening has dropped significantly in our house. I was on the Board of CBC for five years. I saw first hand. Not nice.


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