Merry Christmas

December 24, 1950

A vicious winter storm erupted in southern Newfoundland on this date. The MV Bar Haven , a wooden Coastal boat of 135 ft. and 322 tons , had left port at Argentia to travel across Placentia Bay to Marystown . It quickly got enveloped in a fast developing brutal wind and snow storm . A mainly freight boat , it also had several state rooms for passengers.

Located in the bowels of this boat , in one of the tiny staterooms was my mother and five children , ages 11 to 3 . The boat was rolling like a ball, and sea sickness crept over us.

In the hours of this harrowing experience , I remember a very resourceful woman who somehow managed her brood with unimaginable care and concern. Most of those on that boat were sick and fearful.

Somehow the crew navigated this wooden craft to safety , docking at the Marystown wharf , in the dark windy, snowy hours of that day.

Waiting on that wharf , barely visible , was our father, who had arrived several days earlier to prepare for his family’s arrival . There were not six people on the whole planet happier than we were to see our father/husband.

We disembarked with luggage and followed father off the wharf. The wharf was below a bluff and following father in the darkness we had to trek along a path , now with two feet of snow , to the top of the bluff where our new abode was located . Father , Mother carrying the two youngest , we trekked to the house .

There was no electricity , but father had the oil stove and heaters working, a Christmas tree and presents waiting.

As we entered and saw all of this we knew we were the happiest , luckiest people ever.

May the storms of this time be so destroyed by the Christmas spirit that this will be your best Christmas .

Eager to defeat the political correctness of our time I wish you :



2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. A lovely story – I could visualize it as I read. May the Christmas spirit also be with you. I enjoy reading – and forwarding – your insightful comments. Thanks for speaking plainly and honestly.
    A Very Merry Christmas.
    cheers, SF


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