Three Comments

First , Happy New Year

Secondly, I posted yesterday an article concerning export of oil from the US , first time in 40 years. Perhaps I should explain . This export  really highlights the new world of oil in that the shale revolution is directly impacting the whole paradigm of fossil fuel production and distribution. Of course , it has already had a tremendous influence on the reduction of the oil price. This now latest direct entry into the trade of oil has the potential to really shake up the existing trade patterns globally. I mean this shipment to the Netherlands means that hithtofore the oil imported there came from somewhere else . This has been replaced with a totally new source. Worth a close watch.

Thirdly, I note with some surprise and delight that Terry Glavin wrote in the National Post about the failures of the UN and some comments concerning our dear Princeling. Specifically, Glavin notes the rather incorrect statements of the Princeling and his party. I quote:

‘Like this bit from the Liberal party’s spiffy 88-page “Real Change” campaign platform: “We will take immediate steps to reopen Canada’s doors,” as if Canada’s doors were closed during former prime minister Stephen Harper’s term in office. They sure weren’t closed to the 1.6-million people granted Canadian citizenship during the Harper decade. It is humbug of the same degree for the Liberals to assert that the Conservatives “turned their backs” on the UN, notwithstanding the contempt you could pick up in the tone Harper and his long-serving Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird would take whenever the subject of the UN came up.

There’s a heap of humbug too in the Liberal claim that the Harper government’s lack of enthusiasm for UN peacekeeping operations could not have come at a worse time because the demand for blue helmets had “never been greater.” You don’t have to be an avid student of history to be aware that what the UN wanted most from Canada during the Harper decade was hard-headed fighting troops in Afghanistan, where blue helmets had no purpose to serve.’

The left has this penchant of exaggeration and deliberately spreading a narrative carried by a pliant media which makes such untruths become the common accepted ‘fact’ in the body politic.

This reminds me of the many shrugs and negative reactions I receive when I mention that the Harper decade saw tens of billions of new dollars flowing from the federal government to the Provinces for health and education, $20 billion to be exact, or the same reaction when I refer to Harper ‘s pro Israeli stand; as if there is a problem with supporting the only democracy in the Middle East .

Tis all a wonder to behold as basic truths get tuned upside down by progressives who think that flying the coup from reality will somehow produce a better and safer world. As the false prophet Obama has demonstrated such fake narratives produce a chaotic Lybia, 250,000 dead in Syria  , a splintered Iraq, increased conflict in Yemen, and a fortified Iran , who as I write , seems to have halted any new sanctions on them , even though they have violated  again UN resolutions and undermined the new already disastrous nuclear agreement.

Now do you really want to know what I think?






2 thoughts on “Three Comments

  1. It’s refreshing to read CORRECT facts about the previous government. I could never understand exactly what people saw was wrong – to my mind Stephen Harper was a responsible, sensible, sane leader of a country. What have we got now – a motley group of newbies led by a aren’t I cute-selfie. Why people refuse to acknowledge the good points of the previous government – refuse to even consider or discuss – is a worry. The saying is: the people deserve the government they get – frightening……..


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