What to make of It

‘I’ve decided after consultation with family that I can be most effective as a Member of Parliament by adopting an alcohol free lifestyle,” O’Regan tweeted. “To that end, over the holiday break, I have entered a wellness program.’

This  is the statement that newly minted Liberal MP Seamus O’Reagan made on his Twitter account.

Now , far be it from me to criticize the fact that people have problems with various substances . I understand the issue completely. Giving up tobacco years ago was quite the challenge for me. And I have many friends who have struggled with the use of alcohol. Got it , Je comprend.

But, but, well doing it on Twitter ?  No, no it is not so much Twitter per se , it’s  the impersonal nature of it , a filter to reality.

And the phraseology used ?  Excuse me ! ‘ Adopting an alcohol free life style ‘ and ‘entering a wellness program.’

How about a press conference and say:

‘I am having a real problem with alcohol . I know it can affect my ability to carry out  my new responsibilies as an MP.  Therefore, I have entered a rehabilitation program to beat this dreaded condition . I want to be the best MP I can possibly be. ‘

You know what, people understand and such openness and frankness would see an outpouring of support . No doubt , the support will still occur , but there will always be that lingering doubt , a doubt that was so preventable.



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