UN Spin

Its just amazing how the UN operates .

The UN Syrian Conflict point man said a few minutes ago ( Asscociated Press) that the latest Iran, Saudi Arabian dispute will have no bearing on Syrian talks later this month .

‘The U.N. envoy for Syria says the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran “will not have any negative impact” on Syria peace talks set to begin later this month.’

On which galaxy do these people live?

The Saudis have severed all diplomatic ties with Iran. Apparently, some of Saudi’s friends , Kuwait and Bahrain have done likewise.  All travel and trade between the two countries has ceased according to Saudi Arabia.

Of course, this is what the UN diplomats do , spin crazily , forget the facts .

The Sunni /Shi’a divide began in AD 636 , ironically , by the murder of Uthman , the then caliph , a Sunni, who many other Muslims who became shites , questioned as the their legitimate leader . The killing by the Saudi Sunnis of a known Religious Shite , harkens back the centuries .

The more things change————-, notwithstanding the silly UN.



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