Caught My Eye This Morning

The auto business in the US is booming. Apparently a record year for sales . Arlington, Texas is one of the booming car plant areas where there is a huge SUV plant that is going flat out , three shifts a day. Almost all of the industrial  commercial space is full with below 4% vacancy rates . Major investments by GM, Ford, Volvo are in the offing throughout the US . Of course, one of the major factors is the low fuel price.

That standoff is still ongoing in Oregon. Apparently some of the issues are deep seated and go back many decades. While one cannot condone the law breaking there does seem to be some over reach by the federal authorities . I am rather sensitive to that given my earlier years in Government and dealing with ,on a much smaller scale,  citizen complaints about how their municipal,  Provincial, or federal Government was handling a given issue: from land, social workers, tax, expropriation etc. I remember a flurry of three small business cases where Revenue Canada, because of a zealous employee,  had overcharged all three small businesses putting them on the edge of bankruptcy.

Sometimes I really don’t know why the experts are referenced. A case in point this am about the oil price and The Wall Street Journal quoting Wood McKenzie  that they don’t believe the Iran and /Saudi Arabia will get together on oil production. They will fight one another for markets. No, you’re kidding me. I hope no company paid this consultant for this so called advice. Is the Pope catholic?

What do you think of North Korea? A hydrogen bomb tested they say. Everyone is in a tizzy. Atomic is one thing, but hydrogen is far more powerful and such a bomb can be made small to fit on a missile. Once again many so called experts did not think that North Korea was that far advanced . Of course , there is no way to confirm the announcement by the secretive state . The evidence so far is the announcement itself and the seismic measurements of a real shake in North Korea near where they do their testing .

Perhaps , the joke of the day headline is that Iraq has offered to mediate the Iran, Saudi Arabia dispute.

Hope your day is unfolding as it should.


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