Hectic 24 hours

Here we are in Oaxaca , Mexico , after a whirlwind of flights in the last 24 hours. From Vancouver Island, the Piper almost didn’t fly from the tiny airport with no ILS, visibility issues.  It did. Vancouver leg done. Then  this am up at 2 , check in at 4, off to Salt Lake City at 5. Oops . Fog hugging the ground. Announcement , pilot says may have to go to airport in south Idaho; then makes a last ditch effort , could’t see the wing tips of the plane .Bump we landed. Forty minutes later off to Mexico City . Just a little hassle as to what was the gate for final flight. Thirty minutes before departure , gate posted at the farthest end of the terminal from where we were since we had been tentatively told it was where we were. Streaking to the new gate , yes, we made it.

Guess what? Pleasant one hour flight to Oaxaca City , at sunset, 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sleep tight!


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