Idols of The Tribe

While at University in the 1960’s I had the good fortune to study Francis  Bacon, philosopher, essayist , and many other things , including being Lord Chancellor and Attorney General of England. He lived at the time of Shakespeare bridging the 16 and 17 centuries. He is best known , I suppose, for his ‘Advancement of Learning .’ He is often described as the father of empiricism .

In one of his many enlightening writings he wrote about the fallacies of the intellect,  calling them the Idols of the Mind. One of the four idols he called the ‘Idol of The Tribe .’

Idols of the Tribe are deceptive beliefs inherent in the mind of man, and therefore belonging to the whole of the human race. They are abstractions in error arising from common tendencies to exaggeration, distortion, and disproportion. Thus men gazing at the stars perceive the order of the world, but are not content merely to contemplate or record that which is seen. They extend their opinions, investing the starry heavens with innumerable imaginary qualities. In a short time these imaginings gain dignity and are mingled with the facts until the compounds become inseparable.

As I read about what the Mayor of Cologne said , what the Mayor of Philadelphia said ,  the Press in Cagary on the weekend , and  many similar instances where a politically correct ‘tribe ‘ are usurping the facts on the ground , I am reminded of Bacon’s great insight.

But I realize it is ubiquitous , this notion that we must not tell the truth about extreme Islamic terrorism lest we ‘offend’ all the followers of  Islam among us.

I have experimented with this over the last few days and by far the majority with whom I have spoken were passionate apologists . Some objected when I mentioned 9/11 or Fort Hood . They were astonished when I braved the discussion to declare that Mohammed was one who used military force to subjugate other people , even his home city , and that on his death further conflict erupted in who the legitimate leader of Islam should be , leading to the split manifested in the Shite and Sunni sects of the religion, and , for example , to the Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict of today as well as the many Middle East conflicts raging in the name of——.

There is no question that many Moslems have moved on and interpret the Koran in a more moderate way . But a disproportiate number of Moslems cling to a more violent form of interpretation leading to ISIS and many other more violent groups. Even today polls show many so called moderates now living in the west say that they should have a choice between Shia law and the West’s law . 

If we ignore all the other questionable things ,  perhap the biggest concept , idea, we fail to accept, especially those amongst us who have hidden their heads in the sand , as well as others who seem to see the potential problems coming , is this:

In Islam there is no separation of church and state . There is no render unto Ceasar ——–

Such  a concept is the antithesis of our idea of a nation state . 

Therefore , true  effective  screening is a must in any immigration program , and an insistence upon integration with specific pro active  measures which includes a signed declaration of an agreement on the idea of a separation of church and state , follow up compliance with all our laws or if non compliance , then , a one way ticket back from whence they came.

Thousands , yes millions , have died for us to gain our particular way of governance as peoples . It’s called , for want of a better word , ‘democracy.’

Others like Bacon paved the intellectual way from the Renaissance on ,  although some due is attributed to Solon and Cicero of earlier times.

Hence , we are not being racist or somehow less than good North Americans or Eurpoeans , if we voice now that we abhor the present violence across our continents and its potential to undermine our way of life .

We will stand up for Bacon and his reason and reality , against the notion of The Idols of the Tribe.



6 thoughts on “Idols of The Tribe

  1. Brilliantly reasoned! He is describing the clash of fundamental Islamist ideology against modernity. I would also assert that his logic equally applies to all manifestations of ideological fundamentalism: religious, economic and political.


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