Getting Away Won’t Do It

St. Andrews , New Brunswick is a nice place.

But for the Princeling and his cohort it is a meaningless exercise.  Why go there , anyway?  Stay in Ottawa. Save some money . Save some money? What’s that?

They have promised the sky and now they must scrounge with the rest of us on planet earth.

But ,  when in trouble don’t depend on a Canadian to help you out . Oh, no. This Canadian Government must go back to the old country for advice bringing in an old hand of Tony Blair.

The honeymoon is over ; flirting with the refugees , talking nice to everyone, pledging hundreds of millions in Paris , being green and political correct won’t help the budget.

Oh, the billions in deficit , more than even the Princeling promised . Hey, just promise a few more .

The people are learning that they have something similar to the US where the great promiser could not deliver , only more on food stamps , and trillions of dollars of new debt for their grand children . His policies and programs supported by a minority, now.

We , too , will learn that we have Canada’s Obama.



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