Insulting To The World

Today it is reported that Iran has released four Amrrican political prisoners. This on the eve of the Iran Agreement being approved , it seems.

Boy , you have to hand to those Iranians . They know how to put it to the West. This release , of course, is suppose to give King Obama and his apologists in Europe, Russia, and China some cover . Cover?

An Iran who did not have to release any of its previous nuclear work , violated this Agreement before it even comes into effect ( one Iranian big wig visiting Russia , and conducting a ballistic missile test) , supports Assad  , not just morally, but with money and people on the ground, and supports other terrorist groups around the world. And then mobilizes their people to the streets to shout ‘down with America!

Forget Russia and China for a minute. We can understand their motivations. But the Eurpoeans and the Americans , so called bulwarks of democracy, rule of law, property rights , fair play , transparency , accountability. Where do any of these factor in regarding this deal ?

The West has lost its way.

Robert Keagan writes in the WSJ today about Europe retreating to its medieval borders , and the  main stream media and Wall Street interests lament outsiders in the Presendential race , but this , I contend, is partly the result of elected representives ignoring their citizens and seeing deals like the Iran Deal being pushed down their throats when they know instinctively if not intellectually this is wrong, wrong, and violates  those principles that were suppose to mean something .

If we in our private lives conducting ourseles with actions comparable to what these countries have done we would be put way for decades.


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