Dear Princeling, Please Come Home

You are overseas again . My, how you get around. Paris, Davos, spreading the Canada word. No one knows us. We are that great intellectual powerhouse , not just natural resources.

Yes, I know , history may not be your strong point. You see we have been around a while now and we have come to figure a few things out . Like, we need revenue to keep this place going. Mr. Harper understood this. I suspect his intellectual bona  fides may be a little more than yours. Yes, I know I am not to say that. Did you notice how well California has been doing ? One of the most indebted states in the Union,  notwithstanding UCLA and California Institute of Technology and Stanford , Hollywood and Silicon . Ontario , with all its Universities and greenie policies  is bankrupt .

You may like to read Professor  Michael Porter’s report completed for Prime Minister Mulroney concerning what this country needs to do . Some history again . Just might help.

Our Country comes 13 in world competitiveness according to the Forum you are attending. None  of our universities come in the top ten. QS rates our first university at 24 the next at 34 and the third at 50 . The Times of London ratings are 19, 34 and 38. The Forum says that our big problem is ‘insufficient capacity to innovate .’

How embarrassing it must be for this World Economic Forum crowd to be listening to your dribble after saying how un innovative we are.

Please come home and stop embarrassing us!

The world has know us long before you came along.


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