Culture Shock , Lucky Us

To be in Ocotlan,  is in itself a special time. To be here now, this moment, after having visiting the museum displaying Rodolfo Morales ‘ s  work and then prowl the street named after him and visit where he lived , and then further on visit and meet Josefina Aguilar is over the top .

Morelos was an art teacher for many years and was discovered by another famous Mexican artist , Tamayo . The colourful paintings and collages of Morelos are truly visually impressive, many depicting the women of Ocotlan  and their lives. His rug designs  are spectacular. What is even more spectacular is that his work is found in many of the rooms of the convent of the Santo Domingo Church, facilities he helped preserve. The rooms of the convent are just so fitting for the work, high ceilings, out set windows forming little alcoves , with open doors to the out door courtyard. Amazing.

Anguilar still lives with her many family members ( she had nine boys and one girl) in a ramshackle property , with family members in huddles  around a disorganized gravel floor operation with low level rooms leading off this ‘studio ‘square. And there sitting with her hands in clay , the matriarch , blind now for two years , involved still in the large clay figures that made her famous. Her family , especially her husband , helps with the painting of the figurines , but Josfina still does the large figurines herself; some of her children now involved with the smaller figurines.

Everywhere one goes in Oaxaca City and in the Central Valley, Ocotlan, being one of many indigenous towns   , where we are right now , one sees art , hears music and mingles easily with the local Zapotec people.

What a treat!






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