Susuki, Two Faced

Before I used the word hypocritical, I used to use the word two faced.

Just read in the National Post where our fearless two faced environment warrior is at it again; repeating again that former PM Harper should go to jail. Of course, ‘two faced ‘is not a lawyer . He just pronounces on all things , and of course , implies that he is an expert .

He even discloses that if Harper had got elected this last time he was off to Mars. Wow, if many of us had known this,  a reelection Harper campaign by the masses may have occurred ensuring the former PM  ‘s reelection , and a speedy exit inter planetary for this disgrace to good science.

But look at the two faced nature of this. He only discloses a possible inter planetary departure NINE  years after Harper had been in office and NINE more years of taking from the public trough . Unbearable.

This is the man who has been paid by the public broadcaster (that Harper’s Government funded to the tune of one billion dollars a year ) for decades to espouse his and his cohorts’ philosophy unto the masses through TV. Trouble is if one looks at the ratings of the CBC , Hockey Night in Canada is the only show on CBC that breaks the top ten most watched TV programs on Canadian  TV.

Our ‘national bombast ‘ strikes out, he does not score.

Hey, I remember the man. He came to Newfoundland in the eighties having already determined that an offshore industry would be bad for the Province and proceeded to build a TV program around this negativity. I brought this up to him many years later  in Vancouver. This alleged bright fellow did not remember it that well. Guess not!

In the National Post article he talks of going to Australia in March to further spew his venom . He better leave now. It will take many weeks to sail across the Pacific from Vancouver to be there on time.

What ? He  is taking a fossil guzzling airplane ——–got to be consistent in his two facedness given his houses and other carbon using ways.

What a national embarrassment !




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