Follow Up

Well, UBC finance Committee has said no to divesting of fossil fuel energy companies. Now it must go to the full Board . There’s hope for humanity yet, however small.

Of course, our Princeling has left Alberta for the more secure confines of Ottawa, Alberta none the wiser as a result of the visit. Oh, my!

A highlight in the news for me was the unusual but successful stand on principle exhibited by a politician in the face of all comers it seems . The corn ethanol lobby in Iowa is very, very strong.  The farmers ,of which there are many , get a subsidy for corn they produce that is used for ethanol. They want to see this subsidy continue , of course. And the Governor, and the farm lobby and other political candidates, too.  But one campaigned against it , saying it distorts the market and advocating having all fuel commodities be free of subsidies and let the market work. What a novel idea! Hayek and Freidman rejoice.

Guess what ? This person won .

His name Senator Ted Cruz. There is a great you tube making the rounds where a farmer confronts the Senator on the matter. And his response.

For all of us who thought this could never happen in today’s world , let us rejoice in small victories for common sense.

In the same vein Lowes of the US is buying Rona of Quebec

And Quebec nationalists were going wild. That is until the enlightened Quebec Minister of industry pointed out that in 2014 Quecbec companies invested $30 billion in businesses outside of Quebec.





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