Liberal Dance?

The dance is on.

The Princeling is out west . Notley looks like she might have realized she is Premier of Alberta. Realism is finally settling in a little. Of course, let’s be careful . Her ideological skirt will always show. Premier Wall got to keep the heat on, as he is doing, thankfully.

The Princeling better stop the dancing and start acting. Difficult for this first minister , not acting , as in drama , but acting like making decisions for the good of the whole country. Like the Energy East Pipeline and the Trans Mountain. Let’s stop hiding behind Climate Change and Paris, Futurism and Davos.

There is some real nation building needed here . The Princeling will have to face his ‘ have not’ weakling Premiers of Central Canada . Sadly, no Bourassa or Davis here. My God, just look, what a fight card ! Three light weights . Wouldn’t fill MGM with this ticket, metaphorically speaking.

But we are stuck with them in this mildest of nations. No revolution here to kick the incompetents out. Or to stop the bureaucracy  or  Stop the deficits. Nay, leftish gibberish and more mediocrity.

But, we are going no where fast and this talk of a stabilization fund , well , look , that is not for the circumstance in which we find ourselves. Oh , $250 million for Alberta . Joke . They have billions of dollars of a problem . And perhaps $32 million for NewfoundLand . Their deficit just this year is $2 billion.

In  Alberta ‘s case what is needed is leadership on pipelines  so they have a chance to compete. That ‘s what an Albertan will tell you. They want to work . They have been the national backbone economically for many years ; they need federal and national leadership to bring these pipelines to fruition. Without this they have no chance to play in the game.

The Newfoundland circumstance is different being offshore . But there we do need strong provincial leadership ( if doing nothing on the budget there for 15 months is leadership, my name is tommy toe) to ensure no erosion of provincial rights under the Atlantic Accord ( just got to be careful , these Federal Liberals opposed it, that was Conservative Mulroney action for the country) and to ensure no adoption of additional impediments,  but ways to streamline and expedite developments.

Our leftist ‘friend’ ( who many Canadians supported and support) to the south , screwed XL .

We don’t need to have our resources at the mercy of such petty ideologues . And have them discount the price . We need to compete on the world stage.

We need those pipelines !

You have the power now , Princeling . You can’t blame Harper!

Get on with it !





2 thoughts on “Liberal Dance?

  1. Based on his (at best) sketchy credentials, I don’t think that we should hold our collective breaths waiting for kid Trudeau to offer up any intelligent decisions or show any national leadership based on experience or worldliness.

    I just finished reading a book titled “274 Things You Should Know About Churchill” (Patrick Delaforce). It is basically a chronology of events and milestones in Winston Churchill’s life from birth to death. When you compare what Churchill had accomplished – both in his personal life and in politics – by the time that he was 44 years old, kid Trudeau hasn’t even made it out of playschool yet. Very scary!


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