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Message : emphasize your strengths . The defence was what got Denver to the dance and thankfully the coaches sensibly pursued this strength in the big game. As for Carolina they looked out of place . Spoiled Quarter back Newton was given a good lesson. Hopefully, he can learn from it. One TV Network showed him getting ready for the game; his  visage and overall deportment was shameful.


Two male 17 year olds are killed at the Olympic Bob Sled facility.  Apparently they broke in with six others to have a free ride. The whole thing seems a little strange . Apparently they had worked at the facility last winter.


Western Europe has realized they might have to do something about the migrant problem. They are actually taking some action. Too bad they did not listen to Hungary months ago.

And joke of the day


There  is a report that the quality design guy has quit.

Oh, Saudi Arabia and UAE agree now to send ground troops to Syria, if the Americans also do so. That’s friends for you. What a bunch of cowards . If the Americans agree and things go bad , it will be all America’s fault . I say let them drift.

Our Princeling is considering a bail out of one billion dollars for Bombardier . I wonder if such consideration would be given if this company was in Alberta or Saskatchewan ?  Oh, the productivity and quality design we possess! We don’t even own the company .




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