MY wife and I have just spent a month in  Oaxaca , Mexico. What a delightful and interesting place . History and culture fuse in this UNESCO city of 300,000, situated  in a valley at 5000 ft , surrounded by mountains  . The valley is home to 16 indigenous peoples many of whom still speak their language and practice their customs. Several impressive archaeological ruins dot the valley and expert craft making from clay and wool persist .

The city boasts a  kilometre long pedestrian thoroughfare called ALCALA of historic buildings , housing a library, museum, a university , and many cafes, restaurants, private art galleries and restaurants . Two historic churches also grace the thoroughfare, one the Santo Domingo Cathedral and former monastery . The Cathredal boasts 60,000 twenty three carat gold leaf plates on the interior. Several large markets are located throughout the city , most operated by the indigenous peoples from the villages in the nearby valley.

Taking Interjet to Mexico City from Oaxaca last evening we were surprised to experience a flight that  we last experienced in Canada twenty years ago. The seating room was expansive, the service was crisp and with a smile, it left on time, arrived on time , and we even had TV monitors showing our live take off and landing .

Difficult to top that.

But, today a visit to The National Museum of Anthropology was a very informative  experience . This must rate with the best in it’s class.





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