Levant, Coyne and the NDP

Have you been following the Ezra Levant’ s The Rebel News website  debacle by the Alberta NDP Government.

Well, yesterday , the Alberta NDP government banned journalists with the Rebel Website from attending the Government’ s press conferences. Mr Levant protested and had his lawyer write the Government .  The Government , then knowing they were in trouble  with such an arrogant, unjustified  action, appointed a former journalist to review the decision over the next two weeks but the Rebel journalist were still banned for at least that time period. Obviously, the opposition to the decision did not abate. So today the ban on the Rebel journalists was lifted. Will be interesting to see whether the review continues and if so its outcome.

Of course, the mainstream media helped in reversing the decision with their opposition given this was an obvious freedom of the press issue. But , if Andrew Coyne’s column on the matter  is any indication , the main stream media were not happy to just say they helped . Oh, no, they had to throw stones at Levant , denigrating his ethics etc.

Now, Ezra can be aggravating on times, and he has overstepped the bounds on occasion. But, many of Coyne’s friends and he , himself, have often said things with which many of his readers would find  , well , that’s crossing the line. One finds in his comments a little envy ; that Ezra has risen again and is being his critical self, especially in going after those on the left and often breaking stories that the mainstream media missed , or to which they turned a blind eye.

Then,  Coyne  gets into this discussion about whether the press should be subsidized by the Government . Apparently , there has been discussion on this . I missed it , I guess. Just don’t make the mainstream crowd my only news source anymore.  And ,of course , that would mean Levant’s operation , too, would have to be subsidized.

But how ridiculous , silly and whatever other foolish type of adjectives you want to throw at this idea. The whole democratic project is based on a free and independent press. This idea serves no more serious comment .

Coyne and company should stop their hypocrisy, criticizing others for being less than responsible journalists as they themselves stoop to reach the same lows.

Methinks he doth protest to much .





One thought on “Levant, Coyne and the NDP

  1. Coyne is a dipper so no surprise he has nothing nice to say about Ezra. I agree Ezra can sometimes be overly dramatic, but somebody has to balance the seemingly left wing papers. Example, Trudeau attending the by election for Wynne was a disgrace but didn’t see any mention of its inappropriateness in the Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton paper,etc. They are so pro Liberal it speaks volumes. The Trudeau attendance at Wynne byelection party shows he doesn’t govern for all Canadians. Only Liberal Canadians. He is performing exactly as I thought he would. Sadly!

    Then the Notley mess about The Rebel. Just one more time she has had to perform damage control. She is regularly reacting instead of leading. Her government is completely incompetent. Glad Ezra won this one. Tom.


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