Bombastic Billionaire vs Ethical Evader

It’s shaping up to be quite the contest to our south. Last night’s Trump whitewashing of his opponents in Nevada should put to rest any notion that this guy is just a flash in the pan. I had thought that as the primaries proceeded he would fade rather than grow. I was wrong.  Think I have lots of company.

Everyone realized that there was a deep unease in the country , manifested last election by the tea party , but because the Republicans elected in that round went to Washington and virtually ignored why they were elected , there is now an angry mood about , especially as it relates to anything smelling of the establishment. There are the jobs that are going to Mexico while many migrants flood the other way into the US, there are more on food stamps than ever , the debt is almost doubled in seven years , labor participation rate has hit record lows , twenty nine million have no health care notwithstanding the over reaching , expensive Obamcare , and foreign policy is a mess with Putin and China running the show , while Europe remains in a fog on just about everything.

If one look at the upcoming primary races  the polls show Trump leading in all of the states except Texas , Cruz’s home state. But even there he only trails by five points , in a clear second place ahead of Rubio. And would you believe Trump won more Hispanic votes last night than any other candidate , and two of them have Hispanic roots?

The Evader is doing just as well on the Democratic side in that she is leading in almost all upcoming primary states and by large margins. Massachusetts , the socialist is ahead by three points right now. And those super delegates ( now there’s a flash from the past for you, and undemocratic at that, that great progressive party) well, the Evader has them in the bag.

So , it if the spring training in baseball is boring or the basketball and hockey playoffs disappoint( everyone says the quality is better, but I don’t see it) then you have the bombast of the billionaire , and the ethical tribulations of the Evader to see you through to the Party Conventions in July.

Enjoy the ride!


One thought on “Bombastic Billionaire vs Ethical Evader

  1. Interesting Trump did so well in Nevada as most casino workers ( largest segment of workforce) are Hispanic, and theare now unionized too. Also of interest and never mentioned, Trump and Wynn are longtime enemies.(Wynn from New Jersey bingo background). Trump cannot get a gaming licence in Nevada…so built a hotel/condo building across from Wynn casino one storey taller, then Wynn built Encore across from Trump towers 2stories higher . This is how billionaires one-up one another ! Btw, most people don’t know that Wynn is blind.
    If Trump would just hire a speech writer instead of ad-libbing, it might give him more credibility. I did notice he never seems to thank the supporters for voting for him.
    You’re right about people voting for change..sometimes not the best thing when the change won’t eliminate the problems !


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