Thankfully , Premier Brad Wall says No

Have  you read the Canadian Federal Government Sustainable Development Plan 2016–19?

OK , you got other things to do. But if you get a few moments go into the Federal Department of Environment website, download the plan and read it. You just got to read the ‘ stuff’ , the words, phrases and sentences. Boggles the mind. Oh, you might not be able to read it all. It’s just too much , well , —–waste.

On page  14 there is reference to consultation with the Provinces and the words carbon pricing. 

Its now clear from a news report I just read that The Feds , like the NDP of Alberta,  have not noticed that the price of oil , one of our precious export commodities , has tanked, that thousands have been laid off and that our economy is hurting? Like the Feds own budget deficit is to be double what they said several weeks ago.

How can you otherwise explain that the Federal Minister of Environment is going to follow through with some sort of carbon pricing and wants to talk to the Provinces.

Premier Wall, of Saskatchewan , has alresdy ready said , no way!  There ‘s one sensible Premier , at least.

Of course , let’s hope Alberta does the same , and Newfoundland and Labrador, and BC. But don’t hold  your breath . And all those have not Provinces, like Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and the three Maritimes , who depend on equalization that comes via Ottawa from have provinces  , have , to a large extent because of those dirty fossil fuels . 

Some blogs ago I warned of a number of new MP’s and their likely influence on public policy that would jeopardize our resource sector. Of course, only a little nudging was necessary given the Prineling’s own leftist tendencies and now also that of his Minister.

We are headed down a very risky road.


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