Fox News Takes Hit

The conservative news channel Fox News has taken a substantial hit with its conservative base in recent months. The Brandex You Gov group reports that the News Channel has seen conservatives viewers less enamoured with the channel’s  objectivity since the Donald has arrived on the scene. Trump has had a running battle with some on Fox News, most notably, Megyn Kelly, about its coverage and questioning. As a result the loyal base of Trump  seems to have assisted in seeing the networks positive reputation with republican viewers decline.

Perhaps more worrisome for Fox is the latest revelation by a New York Times article describing meetings between Senator Rubio and other Senators of both parties about immigration reform . This was when Rubio joined with Democrats to try and pass legislation which among other things would in effect give amnesty to the 11 million who entered the US illegally . Meetings were held , it is alleged , between Rubio and group with Fox News owner Murdoch and Roger Ailes , President of Fox News to try and get them to have the Fox News network go easy on opposition to such legislation.

Anyone who is a news hound like me might have noticed that Rubio has had extensive coverage by Fox as well as other conservative news outlets in an attempt to make him the establishment favorite in an effort to derail the Trump bandwagon and discredit the Cruz policy of a more conservative approach to the immigration issue as well as derail Cruz completely so Rubio stands alone against Trump.

This  latest news which is only a couple of days old has not been carried widely by conservative news sources , except for Britbart, or by Reuters or Associated Press.  Yet , it is a legitimate story and has not been denied by those quoted in the story.

Fox , so eager to tout it’s fair and balance line , will have trouble continuing such a line in light of theses revelations given that the meetings in question were not made public by Fox executives   as the news network continued its so called ‘fair ‘ coverage on the Republican side of the Presidential election .


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