It’s Heating Up

Wow! There is a war to our south. Or is that wars?

Political wars that is. Who predicted this kind of battle in the GOP?

But now it’s really getting nasty. The Rubio /Trump insults have begun a new low.

But there is suddenly a great wave to stop Trump , a belated realization that he is ahead and winning with the majority of Republicans. One wonders where these people have been over the last few months. Even Niall Ferguson , the well known economist and Romney supporter , is out lamenting the Trump success, and comparing him to South American tyrants like the late Chavez of Venezuela. There’s a republican senator in the mid west saying if Trump is the candidate he will not support him. Ads are appearing slamming Trump on every issue , unfortunately referencing , in many cases , third party sources rather than the actual facts.

And tomorrow is Super Tuesday .

One of the more interesting aspects of this is the relative strength and weakness of the other two strongest candidates , Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio. The establishment ‘ Washington ‘ , money  republicans , including many of the media types ,  have coalesced around Rubio while Cruz is the the favourite among the ‘real’  conservative wing of the party , originalists on the constitution , smaller leaner Government , anti Wall Street in large measure who they see as crony capitalist s, favouring a strong military , state rights , and individual and community action. Few Senate or House republicans favor  Cruz who they see as an obstructionist given that he held out against the deals that his colleagues made with the Obama democrats.

Although Rubio has received most of the press coverage because of establishment support, it is Cruz who has actually won a primary , Iowa, and Rubio is yet to win one.

What is realy interesting now is the general feeling that Trump must be stopped and to have any chance, it is reasoned,  that means just one other candidate to compete against him .

And that come down to tomorrow and the Florida primary . Cruz is ahead in his home state of Texas in tomorrow’s primary but the polls show  Rubio in his home state of Flordia  trailing Trump in the primary on March 15. If that holds then Cruz would have the bragging rights to be the candidate to stay in the race and tremendous pressure on Rubio to get out.

If Cruz wins his home state ( Trump likely to win all the others ) tomorrow , it is most likely that  the establishment republicans and media will be in full panic and attack mode for the next two weeks to ensure Rubio wins his home state ,  since not only do the establishment detest Trump and think he would be a disaster for the party , but they equally reject Cruz , perhaps the truest conservative of them all.









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