To 13 Premiers

Do you realize you are getting taken?

This Climate change conference is not where it is at in this country right now .  The country is hurting and you all will be running deficits this year . And our Federal Government is promising them .

The economic tiger had been diminished , and you so will soon feel it if you haven’t already.

Unfortunately, I realize that most of you are over a barrel , dependent on Federal transfers and other goodies from  a Federal Government who knows only the words spend and spend more and has not yet learned the words deficit and debt. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you, I suspect is your timid answer.  But this  is short term , don’t you see?

In a Federal State like ours you are a leader not only of your Province but of the nation; especially since you pay into it and take from it and that many powers under the Constitution are shared powers.

We do not need a climate change conference to increase the impediments to more jobs and growth .

We need an economic conference to see how we can create an environment to increase economic activity and create more jobs.

Do you realize that as Alberta and Saskatchwan and Newfoundland and Labrador go  down economically so will you, your jurisdiction, I mean . There will be less money to distribute . More money will have to be borrowed for your children and grandchildren to have to tackle. Is that what you want. Is this your legacy?

How  ironic that you meet in Vancouver , that city that touts all this environmentalism and yet a few miles away from your meeting a coal port operates, the Province being the top coal producer in the nation, and over 50% of the natural gas used is from fracking and increasing all the time , and where multiple LNG projects , fossil fuel that is, are proposed with additional pipelines. The only reason one has not started is because of the incompetence of the Province .

We already have in the last year additional restrictions placed on oil and gas development by the socialist government of Alberta , and now by the equally socialist Government in Ottawa.

It’s sad when our neighbour stops the Keystone pipeline ( while approving within their country several pipelines more than equal Keystone) , but to have  a Province of our own country try and delay a national project like energy east is an outrage. To see us as a nation say close to nothing negatively on this boggles the mind. To see mighty  Ontario being reduced to one of the biggest debtors  of any sub sovereign jurisdiction on the planet is embarrassing. And now the Federal Government seems to want to emulate this?

Alberta has lost already 100,000 jobs , and many of them involving people from other Provinces who went to Alberta .

Do you not realize that when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine there are operations to perform in hospitals that need electricity ?

That Germany has had to burn more coal now because of there silly failed green policy? That birds get killed from turbines and on and on—–

Surely good looks and celebrity cannot continue to give liscense to being soft on our laws and common sense , can it? And the Province that is trying to delay energy east gets $20 billion annually in transfer payments , in cash ! Billions of dollars in kind in other ways by being a part of the country.

As a former first minister of a have not  province I know what it is like to have more money going out than what was coming in. And I did not like it.

We depend on natural resources and without economically strong Provinces , at least three or four , we cannot over time sustain this present standard of living . Oh, yes we can try and borrow for a while , but this only burdens the future and robs tomorrow.

And if we are to be more that just natural resources , we need to be more productive; our neighbour beats us on this ; we need to be more innovative;  our neighbour beats us on this too, all the while many of us smugly denigrate their system . They must be doing something right.

For the the good of the country , please put this political correct stuff on hold and look for ways to envigorate our economy not ways to make it less competitive , and a bigger debtor than we already are.








9 thoughts on “To 13 Premiers

  1. Nailed it again Brian, when are people going to stop taking selfies and open their eyes. Thank you again for bringing clarity to this problem.


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  3. Way to go, Mr. Peckford, you are right on the money, with a common sense approach that other provincial premiers absolutely fail to recognize. Please come to Alberta soon, we need a Premier like you, Dominique Paquin T7X 2C5


  4. I agree 100%! We need more people to stand up and be counted. How can we educate the mass media that the wool has been pulled over their eyes by these misled politicians.

    Where can we find a politician who is prepared to nation build?


  5. It is time to open our eyes. While our Country bleeds, the U S A is content with the status Quo, Oil
    in the ground in Canada is cheap oil storage for their future years, There was hundreds of millions of
    U S A dollars went to protesters and Natives to stop the Oil Port from being built at Kitimat, In speaking with sailors who worked the west coast ,I concluded it is as safe and well sheltered as any
    Port on our west coast. With the Ocean going Tugs and the committed safety improvements it is the logical choice. .Where are the protesters to Protect the Fraser River, There are oil trains moving oil down both sides of the Fraser Canyon, a rock canyon where a car of oil spilt ends up with a car of oil in the river, possibly where cclean up is impossible. Is their silence due to it being an argument for the Northern Gateway. Why is a Port in Quebec without protest. Do they not consider The beluga whale,the N B lobster beds, the PEI beaches, as “Pristine environment. Is the Atlantic storm weather relative to the Pacific coast weather not a factor. Quebec blocked the Trans- Canada Pipeline going through to Nova Scotia years ago ,resulting in Canada importing 40% of its Oil then, as they continue today. Its Time for Canada to separate from Quebec. Well maybe just the western Provinces.


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