The Message gets Fogotten, Its all the Messenger

I read Lawrence Solomon in the  National Post this morning and then I read a speech  Carly Fiorina delivered before a Conservative Convention in Washington, DC last evening.  She is the former HP executive and former Presidential Republican candidate.

They both were really saying the same thing. What about the message from the ordinary taxpayer of the US? Nobody wants to confront the facts of why.

They are very, very pissed off. That is why they will even go for someone like Trump.

Imagine you are in Michigan and you lose you auto job and then you hear of the US Government bailout, cash for clunkers stuff, for example.  Imagine you have a bank loan and the bank calls and says , hey, we have to foreclose on you. On the radio this person hears of a $700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street.Of the billions to Fannie Mae . Imagine loosing your job to people who came to this country  illegally?

Imagine the person who voted for someone who said they would try and fix it. Get elected. Go to Washington, and not even put up a fight , capitulate before the very people who they said they would oppose.

The person who believed in the line on transparency and posting legislation on the internet , like Obamacare , and see it go up in smoke! Keep your doctor, keep your plan . All lies. The Veterans Affairs Department corrupt and seeing vets die unnecessarily. IRS targeting conservative groups!

And all these people, our leaders, who passed Obamacare are not part of it ? They got something better?  

The person who saw  the economy go down in 2008/9 and then $831 Billion dollars is approved for all manner of stuff that had nothing to do with really reviving the economy.

Watching their soldiers die in two  far way wars against people who shouted ‘down with America’ as they were being helped. Watch some of these same people enter their country with relative ease, and pr0ceed to undermine the customs and religion of their country. Kill people in California.

Harvard University has said that the tally for the two wars will be between $4 and $ 6 Trillion Dollars , Trillion with a T. 

And then watch as people cross a porous south border, get help while they  are on  food stamps,  all 46 million of them. They hear of all these jobs and unemployment down but they see that many of their friends have left the labor force,. Who do you think you are fooling?

How is the ordinary American suppose to square that, a cash for clunkers program costs three times its original budget,  that a $20 billion dollar wall on the south border is too expensive after a $700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout, a $831 billion stimulus program,  $ 4 to $6 Trillion dollar wars? And watch Israel and Hungary be successful at building walls to do the very same thing. 

How are they to process a Democratic Party lead by two Clintons , one a known sexual predator and former President, , the other under investigation by the CIA for at least unethical practices if not unlawful behavior, an ambiguous Benghazi record where Americans died, a reset with Putin who then takes over Crimea and western Syria, and a supporter of a nuclear deal with their enemy who openly flaunts the UN and gets back over $150 billion? And who gets $250,000 or more for a thirty  minute speech!

And then watch a $10 trillion dollar debt become a $18 trillion in just seven and half years according to the US treasury. That is $10 trillion in 233 years and $7 trillion in 7 years. 

The people have had more than enough.

” You ask me why though ill at ease within this region I subsist———-?

Quite simple really.



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