BC LNG Threatened

The  National Post is reporting today that the New Trudeau  Government environmental demands are causing problems for the Petronas BC LNG project .

This is what happens when a new naive Government comes to power, ignores its own environmental process , ignores the work the Province has done, ignores the millions already spent and like a adolescent decides to up the ante.

This honeymoon needs to be over soon  before irreparable harm is done to the economy.

Of course, our political leaders just finished a Sunday school lesson in Vancouver to further increase the environmental demands and other business and media leaders continue to play in the sandbox.

p. s. Can you imagine the flurry of activity that is going on in Federal Liberal party circles ( especially in BC) as a result of this? The article in question alleges that Petronas has threatened to pull out if they don’t have their permit by March 31. The old Liberal hacks versus the new Liberal hacks , the new MP’s and the former MP’s and ministers vs the new ones. And no doubt there’s the money to the Federal Liberal coffers. No , you do not have to look south. Ours is just little more behind the scenes.


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