The Spender Twins

Have you seen it?

Oh,  the love fest that is underway in Washington . Two liberals falling all over one another. I suppose good image but oh so little substance.

I mean Obama is the guy who stopped  XL .

But then again the Princeling is not out there cheerleading on the northern  gateway or the pipeline to Vancouver or energy east , is he? So yes , a love fest .

But where they are really cheek to cheek is on the money.

Oh, yes, they both like to spend .

Here is a likely dialogue this evening:

King Pres: Great too see a liberal in control up there again  ! Welcome. Good times are here again.

Prince Prim: Thank you, thank you very much , sir. We are now in control , and we need to spend .

King Pres: Wonderful. But you know what ? While you had that Harper economist fellow around , we passed you on per capita debt , according to both Bloomberg and the Economist . How do you like that ?

Prince Prim: Yes, Mr. Pres , that is true. But , you are almost done and I am just beginning. The National Bank of Canada has us racking up close to $100 billion in debt over the next four years.

King Pres: You mean you are likely to exceed us again ?

Prince Prim: Yes, I am afraid so, sir. We think that both with a Hillary  victory and most assuredly with one of those crazy Republicans in control , we will likely best you again.

King Pres: Well, well, congratulation dear Prince . Let the windmills churn and the solar panels shine . Do I hear our wives?

Prince Prim: Yes, we are holding up the banquet .

King Pres: Ok , o k , on to the dinner . Let’s charm the socks off them!





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