Strategy, Putin

Just thinking of Putin as I browse the news. Some blogs ago I mentioned that I think the first thing this guy does when he gets up in the morning is look at a world map. And then develop strategy.

It must be clear to  even the casual observer of the world scene that this guy has outmaneuvered all his fellow leaders over the last few years.

And now he has surprised again. Reducing the Russian forces in Syria. And,of course, done on the eve of the peace talks in Geneva. Of course , there are some who will say he had to reduce for financial and economic reasons .

But I am of the view that this action was planned some time ago. He has really accomplished what I suspect he had in mind from the beginning:


  1. Secure Assad stays in power or has a power base still.
  2. Establish a firm position for the the Russian military in the middle east . There are now two operating bases in Syria.
  3. Enhance alliances with Iran , Syria and Hezbollah
  4. Practice his new Military hardware.
  5. Become a major player in any arrangements for Middle East stability.
  6. Established to re enter the military fray if that becomes necessary

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